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I help clients with tax preparation and IRS representation, estate planning, and complex contracts, including LLC's. As a former IRS tax attorney in their National Office. picked Wis in 2017 and several prior years as one of the Top Tax and Estate Lawyers in Tennessee. I am your advocate, not your accountant. I don't tell you what you can't do. I show you how to do it.

Tax Busters for Investment Advisors

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Why is estate planning more personal than financial?

I have written a number of posts discussing the little-known benefits of revocable living trusts (“RLT”). However, the fact is that the main benefit is that the RLT is the kindest to your family. I am sold on revocable living trusts (“RLT”) … Continue reading

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A Little Known Estate Planning Strategy–Secret RLT’s

Did you know that a will is a public document once probated? It is published in the Probate Court files. Some of you may know that your revocable living trust gives you some privacy since it is a private agreement. … Continue reading

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Revocable Living Trusts, Financial Management+

No one can afford to ignore estate planning. This series describes less-known features of a Revocable Living Trust as the back bone of your estate plan. Pass it on! A well-drafted RLT package provides you and your family superior financial … Continue reading

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How to Achieve Peak Negotiation

Contracts are essential to your business since they determine your legal rights and obligations. Yet they are frequently hard to understand, stressful, and sometimes crammed down your throat by a larger company with more lawyers. In addition, most of us … Continue reading

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The best Tax Plan, Prep-to-Plan ™, — Can be Yours

FINANCIAL ADVISORS & TAX PREPARERS, you can make a difference with your clients! You can substantially enhance client wealth with my new one-of-a-kind tax planning application. It allows you to produce a simple, one-page tax plan for your clients. Unlike … Continue reading

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Your Business: Legal, Tax, and Estate Resource!

If you are a business owner, you are in the right place.  Here you will find thousands of ways to save legal, tax, and estate costs.  So read on. This is your legal boutique. I am your mentor.  I can … Continue reading

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Revocable Living Trusts — a true story

I have been talking about the benefits of a revocable living trust plan for your family. The following true story says it all. In a meeting with recent widow, she asked me what she had to do to settle her … Continue reading

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Did you know your Revocable Living Trust could do this?

Considering the hardships of Covid-19, it should come as no surprise that estate planning is more important than ever. If you do not have an adequate estate plan, your family will likely suffer–financially and emotionally.Your estate plan is primarily for … Continue reading

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Life and Death Without Revocable Living Trusts

While it is easy to get distracted by current events, you cannot ignore estate planning. If you already have one of my revocable living trust (RLT) plans, you are ahead of the game in protecting yourself and your loved ones. … Continue reading

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