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I help clients with tax preparation and IRS representation, estate planning, and complex contracts, including LLC's. As a former IRS tax attorney in their National Office. picked Wis in 2017 and several prior years as one of the Top Tax and Estate Lawyers in Tennessee. I am your advocate, not your accountant. I don't tell you what you can't do. I show you how to do it.

What to do on Tax Day and after

If you haven’t filed your tax return, it’s time to get cracking! If you are a small business you will benefit by using an experienced tax professional. As a Super Lawyer in taxation, it is time for me to make … Continue reading

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Small businesses are my favorite client, especially family businesses. Diane & David Bowling of Commercial Construction and Renovation, LLC , Jackson, TN, said about my tax preparation: Thank you! You truly are a “Super Lawyer.” New clients often come to … Continue reading

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Is your estate plan or lack of an estate plan a trap for your family? Is it going to be expensive and aggravating for your family after your have passed away when life is already miserable? Let me show you … Continue reading

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I WON’T KID YOU! Raising children is expensive! You cannot afford to overlook tax breaks. Here are some of my favorites. There are $2,000 and $500 child credits. There is a child-care credit for up to $600 per child up … Continue reading

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The Tax WISard’s Thoughts for Investment Advisors June 2020

Taxpayers pay unnecessary taxes every year because they are ignorant of the tax laws. For example, a tax return client bragged to me about over $50,000 in dividends, all foreign companies. That client paid TWICE as much tax as he … Continue reading

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What Can Wis Do for You?

This is a brief summary of Business, Tax and Estates Planning tasks that Wis can do for you. If you wonder if Wis can do it, call and see! TAXES Tax return preparation Tax Mastery© Analysis IRS Examinations IRS Appeals … Continue reading

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Rental Real Estate Tax Strategies – more advanced Real estate rental properties can be a fine tax shelter and a satisfying way to build retirement income if you know what you are doing. However, watch out for the complexities. The … Continue reading

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After you die, who will own your business? If you do nothing before you die, your business will pass as part of your estate, probably to your spouse. Is this what you want? More importantly, is this what your spouse … Continue reading

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More Reasons to Give Your Family an RLT Package. As I said in my last WealthWISe, estate planning is not just for the rich. Estate planning is for those who are rich in love for their family. My favorite estate … Continue reading

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ConquerTax Reform Headaches! As a result of Tax Reform, most of my clients had surprises on their 2018 tax returns. The best way to avoid surprises in 2019 is to understand and take control of your tax situation. You have … Continue reading

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