Wis Laughlin’s passion is to see the smiles on his clients’ faces! He also enjoys being a mentor, so they understand and can use what he teaches. What do they say about Wis? Many say that “nothing” could improve their experience. For example

Wis, I am so glad Berni and I put an RLT in place a few years back. Since then I’ve had two life-threatening events where I’ve had the peace of mind that the better part of my life is in place. Also, twelve years ago I lost my mother who lived in California. She had an RLT and I, as her trustee in Tennessee, took care of everything relatively easily and quickly. I cannot imagine having to go through probate with family in 4 different states! That taught me a lot about the value of having the right estate planning documents.

Peggy Lau

Lifestyle Travel, Secret

Cindy Christy of Stowe, Vermont said “Thank you one more time, you are very competent, extremely helpful as well as a very nice man. I would recommend you to anyone.

Diane & David Bowling of Commercial Construction and Renovation, LLC, Jackson, TN, sent Wis a note after their 2018 tax preparation that said: Thank you! You truly are a “Super Lawyer.”

Wis and I have had a long and mutually satisfying business and tax relationship for the past 20-plus years. I wouldn’t think of asking anyone else for tax assistance. I have sent numerous clients to him over the years and even referred my son to him after my son realized he was an engineer–not a tax preparer. I highly recommend his services. Don Dowden, retired, a founding partner in Dowden, Worley, Jewell, & Olswing, PLLC.

Chris Wiltse, an investment adviser at Stephens, was delighted when a client he referred to Wis was so pleased with Wis’s services.

Laura Terry, a nonprofit administrator, says Wis is calm and comforting and made the process easier. He paid attention and gave me the advice I needed.

Peter and Erica Rohde said that their revocable living trust planning was easier than they expected and reasonable in price. They offered to make this testimonial.

“Creative, out-of-the-box thinking for a situation that no one anticipated.”   ~Executor, Marjorie K. Conner, Communications lawyer in Alexandria, VA.

“Wis knows his subjects, so I had no worries,” says  Diane Pate (tax and estate planning client), retired Business Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Memphis.

For some tax clients it is simply that “I get more money back”, says Dennis Collins, retired pilot, Federal Express.

I was pleasantly surprised to pay fewer taxes than I expected!   ~Joe Hayden, a professor at the University of Memphis

Wis listens and probes for the best approach. He explains difficult concepts so that I can understand them and am satisfied.   ~Bob Laster, Manager of ExecNet at FedEx Services

He simplified and organized my estate plan and helped me understand my documents while designing them so they are easier for my family to deal with.   ~Laine Agee, an AP computer teacher.

What I liked about working with Wis: Everything! He assisted me in my job as Executor, and answered all my questions. Kept me well enough informed that I could get a lot done on my own.   Judy Burda, business owner, Executor of estate

After Wis helped my company, the first word that came to mind was “painless.” Wis had the knowledge to solve my problems and anything Wis did not know he exhausted all efforts to find it out.   ~Terry Wilson, of Wilson Lumber Company

Mr. Harry Laughlin has been a personal friend and business associate for over 20 years. During these years he worked as my Chief Legal Counsel at Software Earnings Inc. for several years. He also founded three corporations for me and provided legal counsel and advice on many business matters, including acquisition, wills, and taxes. I have the utmost respect for his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the legal world. I highly recommend his services.   ~Larry Thornton, President of Software Earnings 

Wis is very good at handling most business needs.  He is very quick, and thorough and can find solutions for most problems, very creatively.   ~Walter Wills, III, Memphis real estate developer

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