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My goal in helping you plan your estate is “ease and effectiveness” and that is why I favor the Revocable Living Trust as the primary document in an estate plan. It is the most flexible way to deal with unexpected health conditions like dementia, which can impair decision making, as well as helping with situations such as the management of your estate after your passing. Joint ownership by spouses might seem natural, but in the end it can often result in unfortunate consequences

An RLT offers firm flexible control you’re your property during life and thereafter. I explained to a client that my revocable living trust package includes a durable general power of attorney that works with your RLT. Set up properly, these documents pretty much assure that if you lose mental capacity, you need not endure the cost and embarrassment of a court conservatorship.

Another client worried that after his death, his spouse as Trustee might not have the background to sell his company. Tennessee law allows the client to shift certain trust responsibilities to another party, in this case, me. So, if your Uncle Ernie is trustee but not an investment whiz, you can shift investment duties to a professional investment adviser.

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