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Many important tax planning moves require action — NOW! For example, sales tax deductions, charitable deductions and employee deductions require payments, gifts and recordkeeping all year. You need to know what you are doing now.

Sales tax. The IRS gives you an estimated sales tax figure. It is usually really low. To prove actual sales taxes paid requires keeping receipts. I can show you the lazy man’s way to qualify this deduction.

Charitable deductions. Many people lose these deductions because they don’t keep track or are timid. A number of charities will visit you and pick up contributions if you cooperate. Do it. I can help you value these.

Employee deductions. There are so many of these deductions that I use checklists to catch them. The IRS is picky about your proof. These are
Miscellaneous Deductions which are deducted but only to the extent they exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income. I can help you find them and help you prove them.

My Advice: I can help you find more Miscellaneous Deductions so you can beat the 2% floor on these deductions.

About Wis Laughlin

I help clients with tax preparation and IRS representation, estate planning, and complex contracts, including LLC's. As a former IRS tax attorney in their National Office. Law.com picked Wis in 2017 and several prior years as one of the Top Tax and Estate Lawyers in Tennessee. I am your advocate, not your accountant. I don't tell you what you can't do. I show you how to do it.
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